I Don’t Hate Baby Shark… Yet?

A Pros and Cons List

Depending on your current perspective we can either blame or thank the Korean education startup, PinkFong, for the infectious parasite of a song called Baby Shark. We all know it, and by now we all have visceral reactions when we hear that Jaw’s like intro. After a few months, I still can’t pinpoint my exact feelings on the song. So I’m here to hash it out.

Pro – It can effectively distract my three year old when he’s walking up to the precipice of a meltdown. He’ll turn around, walk away from the edge, and start screaming the song.

Con – He’ll scream the song and ask for it again and again and again and again.

Pro – It’s cute as shit when my one year old makes the baby shark sign with his wittle fingers.

Con –  Me: “Alexa, Play cooking playlist”
Kids: “Alexa!!!! PLAY BABY SHARK”
Me: “DAMNIT Alexa… Don’t!!!!”
Alexa: “Baby Shark by Pinkfong from Spotify… Dum Dump”
Kids: “BAAABBBYYYY Shark….”

Pro – It’s not as bad as “Who Let the Dogs Out” (I convinced my 5 year old that my minivan is not capable of playing that song).

Con – My five year old is well aware that our minivan DOES play “Baby Shark”.

Pro – It will go away with time.

Con – It may NEVER go away.

Author: Joel Menking

English teacher, turned stay-at-home dad, turned guy who made a website.

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