Love Letter

Dear Hot Wheels,

I love you, tiny land mines, for being the best bang-for-buck toy in the business.

I love you for being small enough to fit in a babies mouth, but not big enough swallow.

I love you encouraging sound effects like shhhhhhhwoo, ahhhhhhhpshsscrash, and vroooommmmm instead of repetitious, battery powered ear pollution. 

I love that you can cause major damage when hurled across a room.

I love that taking you away is an effective punishment, and giving you back makes me a fucking hero.

I love you being less than dollar.

I love you for never getting lost because you multiply during the night and have taken over my house.

Never forget that I love you, even when I curse you for living beneath my bare feet.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                  A Dad

Author: Joel Menking

English teacher, turned stay-at-home dad, turned guy who made a website.

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