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How to Defeat the Rule-Changer

Strategies for winning when your kid is constantly changing the rules.

Four Surefire Ways to Respond to Incoherent Rambling

When your three year old stumbles through a four minute soliloquy about a puddle while waiting in the dreaded elementary school pick up line, it’s NOT important that you understand everything he/she says. It IS important that you have quick, go-to responses when they start yelling DAD!, DAD!, DAAAAAD!, signalling the end of their lecture. ...

Love Letter

Dear Hot Wheels, I love you, tiny land mines, for being the best bang-for-buck toy in the business. I love you for being small enough to fit in a babies mouth, but not big enough swallow. I love you encouraging sound effects like shhhhhhhwoo, ahhhhhhhpshsscrash, and vroooommmmm instead of repetitious, battery powered ear pollution.  I love ...

Vicarious Confidence

Is Kid Confidence Contagious?

Love Letter

Dear Crocs for Little Kids

Love Letter

Dear Chick-fil-A Playground