Love Letter

Dear Crocs for Little Kids

Love Letter

Dear Chick-fil-A Playground

I Don’t Hate Baby Shark… Yet?

A Pros and Cons List

The “Tilt and Pour” An Essay on Fatherhood and Vomit

  My youngest son threw up in my face today. I’m used to spit up. I live in spit up. My first child spent the first six months of life spewing milk every which way: up, down, sideways, and sometimes, defying physics, in all directions at once. Our house was perpetually littered with soaked burp ...

How to Defeat the Rule-Changer

Strategies for winning when your kid is constantly changing the rules.

Four Surefire Ways to Respond to Incoherent Rambling

When your three year old stumbles through a four minute soliloquy about a puddle while waiting in the dreaded elementary school pick up line, it’s NOT important that you understand everything he/she says. It IS important that you have quick, go-to responses when they start yelling DAD!, DAD!, DAAAAAD!, signalling the end of their lecture. ...

Bedtime Thoughts: Written by My Son

Dinner is over and bath time is done. The moon just said goodnight to the sun. But tonight is different, just wait and see, We won’t be reading The Giving Tree. No Green Eggs and Ham no Good Night Moon, There’ll be no nighty-night anytime soon. I’m about to throw one of my all-time fits, ...

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